Wicca Herb Kit, Witchcraft Herb Kit
Wicca Herb Kit, Witchcraft Herb Kit
Wicca Herb Kit, Witchcraft Herb Kit
Wicca Herb Kit, Witchcraft Herb Kit
Wicca Herb Kit, Witchcraft Herb Kit
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Wicca Herb Kit, Witchcraft Herb Kit

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This is a wonderful witches herb kit for the beginner to Witchcraft or a seasoned witch or Wicca practitioner. This kit contains 5 glass bottles, a cloth bag, 26 herbs, 3 salts and Brimstone in an attractive wooden cigar box.

Store your herbs in this old cigar box for a quick access witchcraft kit. Boxes will vary, but will always be wooden, old and wonderful. I never know what I'll find, but they will all be nice. The last 3 photos show different box types.

The herbs are stuffed into a 2" x 3" bag (around .25 oz each depending on the herb) and each will have plenty of uses from one bag. Easy to store in your own magic cabinet. The magical properties of each herb are printed right on the bag so you will know what it's for at a glance. Be creative and always listen to your inner "Book of Shadows" - Intuition.

4 Glass bottles with corks and a tiny bottle to carry with you or put on a chain. Bottle sizes will vary with stock on hand.

A muslin bag (2" x 3") to use as a charm bag that you can also carry with you.

Herbs included in this kit:
American Saffron
Birch Bark
Calendula (Marigold)
Fennel Seed
Juniper Berries
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Licorice Root
Mullein Leaves
Quassia Wood
Rose Petals
White Sage
Brimstone (sulfur powder)
Black Witches Salt, coarse grain
White Witches Sea Salt, coarse grain
Pink Himalayan Salt, coarse grain

Comes in an old wooden cigar box. Boxes will vary.
☆ If I'm out of a certain herb, it will be substituted for another. You will always receive 26 different herbs.

Please remember that the herbs are never for consumption and we highly recommend keeping them away from small children and animals. Use only in your witchcraft. I make no claim on the outcome. I provide only the tools, the outcome is up to you. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children, choking hazard.

This listing is for 1 wood cigar box, 26 herbs, 3 salts, brimstone, muslin bag and 5 various glass bottles.

Due to the unique nature of our items, all sales are final.


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