Samhain Secret Seance Kit
Samhain Secret Seance Kit
Samhain Secret Seance Kit
Samhain Secret Seance Kit
Samhain Secret Seance Kit
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Samhain Secret Seance Kit

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Mini Travel Size Secret Seance Ritual Kit

~ Samhain is a magical representation of the suspension of time and the thin veil between earth and the Otherworld is lifted. This is a most powerful day to communicate with spirits, ancestors and departed loved ones. This time marks the end of the pastoral year and the beginning of the next year's cycle.

~ My "Secret Seance" kit shows you the exact ritual my grandmother would use for communing with Spirits as well as, honoring our ancestors. This small, but powerful kit is used for paying respect to the recently deceased and communing with the spirit plane.

This sacred and powerful kit includes:

~ 1 Amazing, all seeing crystal ball that is the best of both (other)worlds! It is a combination of rock quartz crystal with Light Emitting Diode (LED) crystal! This makes it more powerful than glass and more accessible than quartz! This powerful LED quartz crystal is SMALL - 7.5 inches in circumference (distance around the sphere). Its diameter is 2 inches wide (the length when it is laid on a ruler) and 3 inches tall (when on the stand). This is 50mm. (A little smaller than a cue ball) stands May vary.

~ 1-one ounce bag of Atacama Sea Salt: The Atacama Desert of northern Chile is the driest desert on Earth in which, aridity not only formed the halite deposits, but has also preserved them almost unaltered. This special white salt is only waiting for the moment to have its inherent, stored energy and its bio-photon content released, by adding it to a ritual or to water.

~ 1 black organza satchel of 20 fragrant Bewitching Incense Cones with burner. Used for positive intention, purification and soul calling. These are richly scented, hand rolled cones, which are a great cleansing tool for home, altar, meditation space, sacred place or travel.

~ 1 Witching Hour Candle: This midnight black candle is a tribute to the "wise old crone" who imbues her wisdom and knowledge. This dark and fragrant candle is created with ash wood, witch wood and bayberry. It is accented with rich essential oils of blackberry, clove and cinnamon. It is blessed with a dash of magic sprinkled on top!

~ Complete instructions for calling, honoring and banishing spirit, srying with your crystal ball and for getting the best divination from your "secret seance" Kit!

~ All of these goodies come with our compact, Signature Gothic Midnight box measuring 2 3/4 inches wide by 3" inches tall!

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