Dragon's Blood Resin
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Dragon's Blood Resin

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½ oz.

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Dragon’s Blood resin comes from several species of palm tree. When cut, the roots and tree “bleed” a deep red resin, which has been used as a holy incense, dye, and varnish for centuries. The reason it is sometimes called Dragon’s Blood Reed is that the resin used to be packaged for export in palm reed leaves.

Once you receive your real, legit, pure Dragon’s Blood Resin, you can use it for almost any magickal purpose, from love to hexing, power to protection. The resin is oft used as a substitute for human or animal blood when working with antiquated recipes. The resin will add power to any working.

A chunk of the resin can be carried in a mojo bag for luck and protection. A piece placed between your mattresses is said to cure impotence and increase sexual desire. Dragon’s Blood is famed for its use as a love powder; it is also used in uncrossing rituals by burning some of it at midnight for seven days. (Make sure to have a window open while burning to give negative spirits an exit.)

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